JUNE 15 – SEPT 15 SUMMER SESSIONS: email freddiebryant@gmail.com to inquire and register!

VOCALISTS also note the courses Freddie teaches specifically for you! See the bottom of the page

Course subjects for the Master Classes and Workshops:

  1. Chords-Chords-Chords: melody, soloing and comping
  2. Brazilian Jazz: samba, bossa, baiao
  3. Blues: from country-blues to bebop
  4. Solo Guitar: composition and arranging
  5. Or personalized study on the subject you love!

Check out the links below related to the subjects above 

A few chord melody/solos from Freddie:

Two Brazilian jazz CDs by Freddie:

        Two contrasting blues tunes by Freddie:

An arrangement and two compositions for solo guitar by Freddie:

Already reduced “Covid” pricing with added sliding scale/scholarship possible on request

Private lessons ($100) Jazz, Blues, Brazilian, Latin and Classical or personalized course study

Master classes (5 sessions, 2 hours, 5 students max, $200per session) personal attention to each student

Workshops (5 sessions, 1 hour, $100) lecture-demonstration format with Q&A

In addition to his teaching at Berklee College of Music (Boston) and City College (NYC) Freddie offers private study at his home studio in Riverdale, New York City (the Bronx) and online through Zoom

Private lessons for guitarists – all levels including classical guitar, jazz, Brazilian and Latin, blues, funk and 12-string guitar as well as…

Private lessons for vocalists – coaching in performance, writing lead sheets, arrangements and song-writing (also see the arranging/producing help he gives vocalists on the Producing page)

See the Workshop page for info on the many master classes and clinics he has taught at Universities around the world.

1 Hour Lesson

$100 USD

Email Freddie to arrange price and possible scheduling times: freddiebryant@gmail.com

Send your payment via PayPal (https://www.paypal.com/home) to Freddie Bryant: freddiebryant@gmail.com Freddie will receive immediate notification of your payment and within 48 hours will contact you to schedule your lesson times.