In this video Freddie Bryant improvises tai chi moves, yoga and stretching with his guitar at the Vermont Jazz Center Summer Workshop in Putney, VT. He incorporates some yoga postures but primarily focuses on the tai chi techniques of breath, qi, centeredness, flexibility, a rooted and strong lower body, a flowing upper body with the lower tantien and waist at the center of the movement.

Freddie says, “This kind of movement and exercise is perfect for pre-concert warm ups reducing stress and nervousness, building concentration, focus and inner warmth while keeping the guitar in your hands.”

In addition to being a guitar professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston he teaches yearly music workshops with various amounts of tai chi incorporated:

Freddie’s Jazz and Tai Chi Workshop in Leverett, MA (August 3-8)

The Vermont Jazz Center Workshop in Putney, VT (August 9-15)

The Interplay Jazz and Arts Workshop, Woodstock, VT (June 20-27)

The Balanced Guitar Workshop (January 2-9, 2021) with surfing, yoga and tai chi in Costa Rica and various other countries (January and sometimes in May)…the beach tai chi pics (taiji on the clouds) on this website are from the 2020 workshop in Nosara, Costa Rica.

He has also taught classes at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, Holland and summer jazz workshops in Novo Mesto, Slovenia;
Amalfi, Italy; Costa Rica; as well as in New York City.


Freddie teaches tai chi at the Society for Nanlaoshu in New York City and has two seasonal classes – Winter/Spring and Fall/Winter each meet for ten classes.